Vintage Photo Creator - Smart Texture Overlays for Photos


Create Powerful Vintage Photo Effects in Seconds! 25 Actions + 26 Seamless Textures

Vintage Photo Creator is a powerful kit that gives you high-quality vintage looking photos using smart texture overlays, in just one click. Soft & subtle photo grain or grunge effects that have a big impact on how your photos look. You'll have fully editable, layered effects that are also seamless.

Included in this Kit

  • 26 High Resolution (2000x2000) Seamless Subtle Grunge Textures

  • 25 Vintage Photoshop Actions

  • 25 Layered PSD. Drag & Drop effects folders (If you don't want to use the actions)

  • Details instructions on how to load the files

  • 75 Reference Images showing what each action will do to your photo or artwork.

Important Features of Vintage Photo Creator

  • Textures will scale to any size photo without losing quality

  • Seamless textures can be moved around infinitely inside the document

  • Transparent background on all textures ensure your original photo is still recognisable

  • Multiple textures are used on each effect to give professional, realistic and subtle effects

  • Smart textures are in place to target specific areas of your photo, giving a unique look

  • Control any effect layer individually, or as a group

  • Combine effects for an infinite supply of unique texture overlays

  • Created for photos, but these effects can be used on logos or artwork too

Try the FREE SAMPLE: → Includes 5 Actions + 4 Seamless Textures!

I've been releasing brushes & textures since 2010, along the way hundreds of thousands of designers have used my textures in their work. I used all the knowledge and experience I've picked up over the years to create the best looking and easiest subtle grunge effects ever.

You can simply use the Seamless Patterns on their own if you want something simpler, or explore the powerful Actions which have been meticulously crafted to give you the best results on Photos.

The Photoshop actions combine the seamless textures in some unique ways, even targeting certain textures to specific areas of your photos, for example, you might have one texture hitting the shadows and a completely different texture on the highlights. Combined this gives a very unique and pleasing result that you won't find anywhere else.

Great for any artwork - Not just Photos! Although perfected with photos in mind, there is no limit to how you could use these actions, they look great on illustrations, logos and artwork too. Incredibly powerful vintage effects in just one click. Check the thumbnails for examples, and the video walkthrough!

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