40 Seamless Vector Grunge Patterns


Patterns can be a powerful way to quickly add some real texture to your artwork with very minimal effort. In one-click you have beautiful texture overlays that will infinitely fill any size layer or shape you want with soft, subtle texture tiles. Scale them up, or down without any loss in quality and move them around in any direction, without seeing any edges or seams.

Seamless and Scalable — These seamless subtle grunge patterns are available in many formats, most notably as infinitely scalable vectors. As a bonus, there is also a folder of 300DPI PNG graphics, and Photoshop .PAT patterns for maximum compatibility and there's even the possibility of even web use with SVG's.

Super Versatile — Any layer, background, text, graphic, photo, illustration or shape can be filled with these patterns to instantly add an element of texture. Stack your layers to increase the effect and create an endless number of texture combinations, all of which are seamless and fully scalable.

Transparent Backgrounds — Each texture is isolated on it's own with no background at all, making them ideal to drag and drop into any project or software, plus it makes them even easier to re-size and re-colour. Explore the product images for some examples of just how versatile these patterns can be.

Features and Highlights

  • Seamless Texture Patterns

  • 40 Vector .AI files and Swatches

  • 80 Photoshop Pattern Files — 40 Black and 40 White textures.

  • 40 SVG files

  • 40 PNG files — 300 DPI resolution — 2500 pixels wide

  • 40 EPS vector graphics

  • Help file included

More like this? — The original textures used as the base of these patterns come from my bigger pack of 47 Subtle Grunge Vectors, consider pairing these two resources together: https://crmrkt.com/r9N1p1 — I used these textures to create fully seamless, tillable versions of the same textures.

Thanks to the following creatives for their free artwork which I used in some of the preview images... "Hot Air Balloons" by @thecutewanderer https://unsplash.com/photos/nNM9dALmmOQ — "Boardwalk to Sea" by Husen Siraaj https://unsplash.com/photos/fsNMGdyQTUY — and free illustrations thanks to Control https://control.rocks/

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