47 Vector Subtle Grunge Textures


After many years of requests I finally put my head down and focused on creating this massive pack of Vector Subtle Grunge Textures. 10 years after releasing my first pack of textures and thousands of downloads later I'm happy to say that you can finally grab this brand new set of assets now in vector format. 47 brand new unique subtle grunge textures as AI, EPS, SVG & PNG files.

47 Massive Vector Textures

These new textures were vectorized from huge 8000px wide HD source images in order to capture as much detail as possible, and just like my other resources in the past all of these textures have beautiful natural edges with no hard lines and nothing but soft, subtle grunge details. The pack contains a variety of different surface types such as paper, concrete, fabric and wood along with various other sources captured around Budapest.

Available In Many Formats

The main files are all available as .AI files which are perfect for Adobe Illustrator (and other software). I've also increased software compatibility by exporting each texture individually as .SVG and .EPS vector graphics, and there's even a folder full of flat .PNG graphics all with transparent backgrounds exported at around 4000px in width, perfect for quicker use in any software without the need for the textures to be vector.

Here's the full list of package contents:

  • 3 .AI files containing 47 textures

  • 47 .SVG

  • 47 .PNG files

  • 47 .EPS files

Add Subtle Grunge To Any Of Your Designs

These subtle textures are ideal for adding just a hint of texture to any design, for when you want that element of character or a natural, retro feel in your project. You can of-course combine and stack these layers to make the finish as soft or as harsh as you wish, but the soft natural textures and soft edges are perfect for keeping it subtle and realistic with no effort at all.

I had a blast making these, and I hope you'll get some real good use out of them, please let me know when you use these in a project, I'd love to see what you make with them!

Thanks to the following people for the great free resources used in some of the product example images above. 'Carnival dancers collection' by Pikisuperstar: https://www.freepik.com/pikisuperstar & 'Sports Bike' Photo by @spencerdavies on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/TEVOY_VIMbM

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